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In General It Takes About 2 Weeks To Get Your First Sponsorship,

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Let’s Break It Down In To 3 Simple Steps.


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With Lads With Ads it Just Takes 3 Simple Steps to Get Sponsored!

person holding black iphone 5
person holding black iphone 5

Your Views and Niche

Step 1, estimate your average amount of views on your videos, then specify what niche your channel is about.


Get Paired With A Sponsor

Step 2, Once you’ve completed step one you’ll get paired with a sponsor and get sent the sponsors name and what they want you to talk about in the ad. Make a video with the ad and publish it as unlisted and send us the link. Once you have the greenlight from the sponsor, its go time!


Now, Get Paid.


Step 3, Now is the easiest part, just send us a valid form of payment and, you get paid.

With Only 1000 Average views per video you can get started

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”I used to not have time to work on my channel, thanks to lads with ads not only do I have time to work on my channel, I also now work at a job that I like.”

- Dan Fricker

”They actually did what they promised, although not all the time did I get paid as much as I wanted, I still was getting sponsored on a weekly basis.”

- Joshua Yang

” I was surprised they found sponsors for my niche.”

- Joyce Gould

Dont hear it from us, hear from them

”This is the first company I’ve seen that helps you tubers get sponsorships, I didn’t even know I could get sponsored at 1100 views.”

- Steve Pancheco

”I didn’t even realize how much money people could make off of YouTube, my son in the past four weeks has made enough to buy a new gaming set up.”

- Molly Azimov

”At first me and my friends thought it was Scammy, it really feels hard to make money on YT, but with them it’s surprisingly easy.”

- Albert Cohen

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